My 2015!

Even this year has come to an end. I made a list of resolutions at the beginning of 2015, let's see how it went!
1. Positive thoughts: Well I should admit I haven't been good at that!
2. Take more photographs: I sure did!
3. Learn a new language: nope!
4. Exercise more and eating healthier: No and yes!
5. Visit new places: yep!
6. Read more: nope!
7. Be my own priority: yes!
8. Don't postpone: getting there!
9. Always smile: working on it!
10. Live: hell yes!
Five out of ten is still okay I guess!

So this is what I did this year:
In January I have been in Umbria, more precisely in Città di castello.  

Città di Castello

And then I headed to Florence, one of my favourite places! I have finally been to the Uffizi!

Florence from up above

January ended with a beautiful surprise from one of my best friends who was in town just for the day and with him I discovered another place in Milan!
In February, I have been to the mountains and Parma, a lovely city.

Somewhere around Parma

And then, Barcelona... I had already been there once but wanted to visit it again. I loved it but also lost so many things there (phone and wallet with ID and cards!). So I had no money at all, but at least I wasn't on my own!

Barceloneta, where I lost my everything!

On the beach!

In March, I tried to fix all the mess, well at least part of it! I took part in one of the most interesting photography meetup. I learned a lot about astronomical photography and I could see the moon through a telescope and take photos with my camera, it was truly amazing though it was freezing cold. But it was all worth it!

The moon viewed with a telescope

In April, I was super excited because it was full with events! My sister came over for my dad's birthday so we spent most of the time preparing for the big party and took my nephew and niece to some fun fair. I have also been to Bassano del Grappa for work and obviously went to see where to make grappa! Then a quick stop to Verona before heading back to Milan.
Square of Bassano del Grappa

In May, I have been to Rome. I love travelling alone because it gives me so much freedom and happiness though it can be lonely at times. But I usually spend most of my time wandering and taking photos and time really flies. I also had an amazing night tour with a friend who was there for the weekend as well.

St. Peter's Cathedral
Square near the Pantheon

And I have also been to Cogne in Aosta. The most peaceful place on Earth so far!

And my birthday present to myself was London! Being back in London was super great! I was lucky enough to participate in one of the free walks that the city organizes from time to time. I got to know some hidden areas around St. Paul's. Then I met one of my oldest Flickr friend, after taking some photos and having lunch, we walked to the Shard where we had a drink with London at our feet. 

Bookshop on the Southbank

View from the Shard

View from the Sky Garden

Amazing experience as always. Oh and I got to spend more time with my sister and my lovelies! And I started June there!

Still in June, I went to see OneRepublic, they are truly amazing!

OneRepublic in Padova

I took part in the Milano Photo Marathon in the pouring rain with some other fellow photographers. It was all worth it!
Thanks to Instagram, I had the chance to go up the Unicredit Tower, it was so nice up there. And I also enjoyed a relaxed day at the Terme di Milano for free of course!

View from the Unicredit Tower

Milano Terme - spa day!

July...actually I think I didn't travel at all. There was an amazing light show on the Duomo of Milano, which I really enjoyed. 
Duomo of Milano

The rest of my time was divided between work and home and trying to find a new place for me. And I found it and signed everything at the end of the month. It was both exciting and terrifying but it was something I really had to do for myself.

In August, I could only take a week off so I went to London as always. Then I've been to beautiful Dorset, more precisely to Southbourne for a couple of days. 


Being at the beach even if it was cold was really relaxing. I also made it to Durdle Door on the Jurassic Coast, one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. 

Durdle Door

Jurassic Coast

There are no words to describe it and the water is crystal clear! The rest of the days were spent in London and I discovered Holland Park, a huge park in the city. 

Kyoto Garden, Holland Park
A little gem hidden from all the traffic ad chaos. Before heading back to Milan, I had to see the lavender field in Banstead, Surrey, quite lucky again I would say. You can visit Mayfield Lavender Farm between July and August/September for just £1 or free if you buy something.

Mayfield Lavender Field

Mayfield Lavender Field

And finally in September I moved in my little place, it was exciting and scary at the same time but I like it so far!

Home Sweet Home

In October, I have been to Como to visit a friend and visited some really pretty villas. The rest of my time was spent in Milan, just having some social life!

Como Lake
And one of my little photography achievements, I won third place in one of the contests of the Milano Photo Marathon, I was so shaking!

Third proze in the Milano Photo Marathon Contest
November has been challenging, the hardest month of all. I learned so much and realised that no matter what happens, everything will be okay. People will always hurt you and lie to you. I realised I don't need people who make me feel like crap and who don't respect me, I'd rather be alone than being with someone who is a cheater or who doesn't appreciate me.

December, the last month of this long year. I went back to Florence for another solo travel - I started this year with Florence and ended it with the same city. I have been up the hills to Piazzale Michelangelo, from where you have an amazing view of the city.

Florence from up above

Then I headed to Assisi for some peaceful time. Assisi is really beautiful, it feels like being in another time, everything is simple and pure.

Alleys - Assisi

Small alley

San Francesco D'Assisi

Looking down - Assisi

I am not making any public resolutions this year but I do have many! Let's see how next year goes!
Wish you all a Happy New Year full of wonderful surprises!


  1. Ciao Natasha, un bellissimo, lunghissimo e simpaticissimo post!
    Quante cose hai fatto e visto lo scorso anno!
    E poi hai ragione: 5 obiettivi su 10 è un bel risultato! Ti auguro un 2016 ancora più ricco di soddisfazioni!
    Un abbraccio

  2. Ciao Natasha! Un bellissimo, lunghissimo e simpaticissimo post. Quante cose hai fatto è visto nel 2015! Poi hai ragione: 5 obiettivi centrati su 10 è un bel risultato.
    Vedrai che quest'anno andrà ancora meglio (se non ti poni obiettivi troppo difficili, eh eh!). Ti auguro un 2016 ricco di soddisfazioni fotografiche e per la tua vita.


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